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That’s where RFM advisors come in.

Our money management process is based on the dual perspective of seeking prudent growth while keeping a sharp focus on helping build firewalls against the various forms of risk you face. By working to protect you from exposure, we can help you achieve a desirable retirement lifestyle and potentially avoid financial disaster.

For Example:

  • Will a law suit slash or destroy my wealth?
  • Will I outlive my money?
  • Will chronic illness and the need for long-term care wipe me out?
  • Will my investment earnings cause me to lose my property tax exemptions?
  • Will I have to pay income tax on interest, dividends and capital gains every year even if I don’t withdraw my money?

The difference between seeing and addressing the exposures you face, the blind spots, and ignoring them while you focus exclusively on the upside, can be the difference between a secure and desirable lifestyle – and disaster!