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Our strong relationships and range of experience in financial services combine to enhance the quality of services and solutions available to you as a client of R. F. Milella Advisory Associates, Ltd. Our goal is to provide you with a straightforward plan of action that emphasizes efficiency and eliminates inconsistencies. To accomplish this, our associates follow an approach we call β€œThe 6-Ps.”

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We look at your current and future goals and desires, and arrange your financial affairs to align with these objectives.


By reconfiguring your financial picture into broad components that work together in a financially efficient manner, our goal is that your plan provides a beneficial outcome with minimal negative side effects. A key consideration in this phase is the use of Financial Leverage – where each component accomplishes multiple purposes, working toward producing a positive result.


As financial tools continue to evolve, we stay on top of changes in order to provide up-to-date solutions to our clients. Deciding upon the specific financial vehicles to use to implement your strategy is critical. We then assist in orchestrating the smooth transfer of your assets into these preferred vehicles with minimal effort on your part – and minimal, often zero, cost to you!


We continually monitor your financial vehicles to be certain they are performing according to expectations, providing you with performance-monitoring features. If necessary, we take steps to replace underperforming components with more advantageous alternatives.


Taxes, lawsuits, job loss, unforeseen large or catastrophic expenses, as well as death, sickness and disability can wreak havoc on even the most perfectly executed financial plan. Our team takes extra care to implement strategies that are designed to help safeguard your assets and prepare you for whatever the future holds.


After many years of successful financial management, most people desire to pass on a legacy to their children and grandchildren, or provide for charities that are dear to their hearts. However, large inheritance and capital gains taxes combined with oppressive Long-Term Care costs, can drastically reduce the size of your estate and minimize the amount passed to your heirs.

Our financial team maintains the experience and preservation tools to maximize your estate value and ensure that your money flows where - and to whom you desire. We enjoy strong relationships with tax, estate and elder care attorneys and affiliated professionals, to coordinate our efforts and achieve your desires with maximum efficiency and minimal expense.