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A Smarter Way to Pay for College

USA College Financial Planning was founded by Richard Milella to offer a smarter approach to funding college education — by using the rules of the financial aid system to your own advantage.

Having seen first-hand the devastating impact of poor college financial planning on the overall financial well-being of families, we want to help you keep more money in your pocket by providing you with a game plan for incorporating college education into your overall family financial plan.

Our Purpose

Aside from purchasing a home, paying for college education is arguably the most expensive endeavor a family will ever undertake. Yet with the immediate, day-to-day expenses of raising a young family, college financial planning often becomes an afterthought, leaving families unprepared when the moment of truth arises.

Even those families that do begin saving and planning early are typically unable to accumulate all that is needed to completely fund college costs — or even worse, the accounts they use to save money are actually used against them to decrease their eligibility for financial aid.

Using our professional knowledge and information, we create a custom college funding plan built around your unique family profile and help you discover resources you may not have considered before — or even known existed.

Our Process

Our exclusive three-step process involves:

  • Arranging your family’s financial picture to increase your likelihood of receiving a generous financial aid package — with the goal of reducing out-of-pocket expenses, both now and in the future.
  • Determining whether it is in your best interest to apply to colleges that use the Federal Methodology or the Institutional Methodology to calculate your expected family contribution and financial aid eligibility.
  • Focusing on those colleges that historically award the highest percentage of the cost of attendance to families in similar situations to yours — with the goal of acquiring 90% to 100% of your aid eligibility in the form of more scholarships and fewer loans.

And since you must continue to apply for financial aid each year, we provide ongoing guidance throughout the entire college and graduate school experience to boost your eligibility and avoid costly mistakes that could sabotage your awards.

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